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 WTB Early-mid 80s Corolla or Tercel - St Cloud, MN

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PostSubject: WTB Early-mid 80s Corolla or Tercel - St Cloud, MN   Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:13 am


My best friend is getting sick of constantly repairing his 2004 Jetta. For the last couple of months, he's asked me to keep my ear to the ground on nearby early-to-mid-80s Corollas or Tercels within reasonable driving distance. I periodically scour craigslist, but for the Tercel I bought, I haven't really seen anything.

His requirements are:

-Good condition (little to no no rust)
-Low mileage (within reason, he doesn't expect, realistically, to end up with a 1981 Toyota with 55,000 on it like I did)
-Automatic transmissions are not acceptable
-I'm pretty sure he's sick of fuel injection
-Must be within reasonable driving distance of St. Cloud, Minnesota
-Four doors is probably best, easier to get the children in and out

He wants an older car because, like most drivers I've met, he's tired of not being able to fix his cars due to lack of room and loads of unnecessary (and expensive) electronics. He needs a car in good condition because he's not buying a toy, he needs something he can rely on. That said, he doesn't drive much.

I figure if anybody can help him, that person probably posts here.

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WTB Early-mid 80s Corolla or Tercel - St Cloud, MN
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