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 WTB 1981/1982 Corolla Tercel Deflector (River Falls, WI)

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PostSubject: WTB 1981/1982 Corolla Tercel Deflector (River Falls, WI)   Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:43 am

Toyota calls it a 'deflector,' the technical term is probably 'bumper filler panel.' It goes between the grille and the front bumper, then under the bumper to form the front spoiler. I am unable to find it on any junkyard cars anywhere (and I've called anywhere that has an old Tercel, even sending messages to owners of junk cars on youtube!). The best lead I had was a photo from two weeks ago at a u-pull-n-pay out in Colorado, which does me absolutely no good as I'd need it shipped.

Hood hinges would be great, too, if anyone knows of a suitable donor car.
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WTB 1981/1982 Corolla Tercel Deflector (River Falls, WI)
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