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 Where to get headers?

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PostSubject: Where to get headers?   Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:32 am

Ok I called BRD racing and they dont sell headers no more. I called paradiseracing and they dont sell them no more either. I went to a few metal fabricators here around town (san antonio , Texas) and they said that it would be easier to buy off the shelf headers and custom fit them , "idiot idea!!" casue they will charge for metal and labor which quoted me over $540.00. So im left with asking where or who makes headers for our car? I been in a few group buys with people and the product never comes throuhg or the person never gets back to you. So does anyone want to sell or know where to get these suckers at? I tried ebay for the longest time. lol any help will be appericated. PM me if you got some for sale or knock offs.
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Where to get headers?
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