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 3AC to 4AC swap in Tercel 4WD Wagon

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terc 4ac

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PostSubject: 3AC to 4AC swap in Tercel 4WD Wagon   Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:45 pm

I have just purchased 4AC engine to swap into a '86 Tercel 4WD to replace fried 3AC.
I would appreciate any instruction/experience/comments. I plan to strip 4AC down to bare block and add 3AC periphals (Card, manifold, distributor, etc) and have heard that the 3AC Carb will suffice for the 4AC. Thanks for any feedback.

I have several Tercel wagons, some for parts/some for summer use/some for winter. This car with 4AC engine swap will be my winter car, and equipped with lower ratio pre-1985 output gears for higher cruising speed and better economy. I want to maintain economy, but also higher cruising speed than 1985 and later 4:10 output would provide, on the 4WD models. The 12HP extra with the 4AC will make up for the loss of power with the lower ratio (higher cruising speed) output gears.
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3AC to 4AC swap in Tercel 4WD Wagon
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