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 What's going on with this site?

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PostSubject: What's going on with this site?   Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:40 pm

Can some still-active moderator explain what the current state of affairs is here?

I started a build thread myself a couple years ago... then the project got shelved for awhile, while I had to work on other stuff. When I returned, it seems like the activity on-site had dropped dramatically. I can still post updates, but there's little if any response... when, before, there'd been quick & enthusiastic response.

I'm not blaming or accusing here... I'd just like to know what happened. Did 4AC-powered cars just start getting harder to find, and people have moved on to other things? I get that that can happen; just seems like a "Well, we're winding things up, folks" sort of post might be in order.
I don't know what all it takes to run a site--probably way more work than I can imagine.
Just curious, that's all........

And, lastly, a thanks to many of you for the good advice I got from here.

Gary, in central Iowa........ ]below--4AC in 58 Anglia]

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What's going on with this site?
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