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 Shop willing to do rebuild - Near Hudson, WI?

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PostSubject: Shop willing to do rebuild - Near Hudson, WI?   Tue May 15, 2012 1:11 am

Toyota says their solution is to drop a rebuilt engine in - because you just know they've got a load of 4ACs in stock. Rolling Eyes

Nobody I've talked to around here really knows anyone, the only shop in town I trust doesn't do that kind of work.

I need to find a shop willing to rebuild my engine - including the valves (new seals and all that) - but the problem is I cannot pull nor transport an engine. I don't have the time. I work one of those jobs where you just don't get days off, so I need to find a shop that is also willing to pull the engine out for the necessary work.

Since I spend 2/3 of my life at work, obviously, I have the cash to deal with this. I just have no idea where to go for this kind of thing. I see this as an important part of my plan to extend the lives of these cars; the oil burning and flat spots are getting kind of old.

I consider the MSP area to be acceptable, it's a short drive.

Thanks in advance!
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Shop willing to do rebuild - Near Hudson, WI?
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