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 Fo Sale T50 20 spline NEED IT GONE! Local So Cal

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PostSubject: Fo Sale T50 20 spline NEED IT GONE! Local So Cal   Sun May 06, 2012 2:15 pm

Well my 86 has been down since Easter Sad, Transmission went out. I bought this one from a club member was told it was for a 4age ae86, when I pulled my transmission out I found out it's not! Yeah I know it's my fault, a lot of shady ones and just cause they say "I know moto" means absolute ****.

anyways, I got to re-coup some of the money I wasted so i'm posting it here with pics and being honest about what I know.

I was told it was rebuilt by a guy in vegas that "nestor" bought his corolla from and was only used once then replaced by a w series cause the guy that rebuilt it was running a 4agze and didn't want to break it.

The transmission is very clean, input and output shafts turn smoothly. does not have a shifter. 20 spline output shaft so its for the earlier model corolla. It does appear to be rebuilt or at least taken apart and put back together with new gasket maker. sold as is. I paid $380 plus $20 to get my fat ass cousin to take me to pick it up.

Bottom line I need money to fix my car will take $225

pic below dirty one came out of my corolla.

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Fo Sale T50 20 spline NEED IT GONE! Local So Cal
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