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 ae86 sr5. before, after and after accident.

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PostSubject: ae86 sr5. before, after and after accident.   Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:29 pm

So ill start with how i got my ae. and move to how it is now..

so i bought it 2 years ago and ive put 30k miles on it.

so thats it a little after i got it. i cleaned it and degreased the engine bay...

a while after i bought some stuff for her. i got BC coilovers, sprinter tail lights, techno toy tuning front strut bar and some xxr002's with some toyo proxy4's
and i cleaned the engine bay more and painted the valve cover.

then.. not even 4 months later someone who was at my house thought they were in reverse but were in drive and were parked behind me pushed my car into the kitchen wall causing this.. and i wasnt anywhere near the car..

it bent the front radiator support in like 2 inches. i had to take off the radiator fan to start it. and well it still runs!

but on a better note. i was able to get another ae with a blown engine. (still sr5) for 500. but the paint sucks and it has a little body damage its an 86 unlike my 84

their insurance totalled it out after almost 2 months and still havent sent me any money for it.. oh and im only getting 1400 for it..
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ae86 sr5. before, after and after accident.
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