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 Alabama: need space, gts and sr5 parts for cheap and some free!!!!

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PostSubject: Alabama: need space, gts and sr5 parts for cheap and some free!!!!   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:23 pm

8/29-- DROPPED PRICES!!!!!!! SUPER LOW!!!!!

i have a few things i'd like to sell.. i just wanna help the community out so no overpriced garbage here...

prices do not include shipping!!!! had a bad experience so now my prices do not include shipping. all im gonna do is ask how you want it shipped and get a quote.

*i will ship to canada but you're paying the brokerage fee's!!!


misc gts stuff..

intake mani $25
tvis $10
bare head $30(if you want the valves,buckets,springs,cam caps it'll be $40)

gts a/c stuff.. open to offers, LMK...-P/S PUMP SOLD-

rwd throttle body from 87 gts W/TPS $35 -SOLD-

4 center caps for supras $10 -SOLD-
ecu from 87 gts $30-SOLD-
engine bay harness from running 87 gts *SUPER NEW LOW PRICE!! $60 (2 cut wires, car ran fine..see pics) resistor box not included..

cut wires.. for a/c ?? you can barely see them on the first pic to the far right.
second pic is the wires up close.

ecu: 89661-12092-SOLD-

kouki sr5 cluster set back to 6718k, was in the car i bought.. $15

egr stuff $5
intake mani holder $8
4age fuel rail with injectors $20
4age stock largeport injectors $20(not pictured)
4age coil and ignitor $25
auto 4ac brake pedal and shifter FREE99

gts ac box $20

teq oil cap.. does not fit 4ag/4ac.. came off a 79 corona i think. $10-SOLD-

4 sr5 13's $50 only took a pic of one, the rest look the same all center caps included..

sr5 air filer element $10
sr5 steering wheel $5
gts washer fluid tank $15
sr5 power steering thing $5
auto sr5 front driveshaft(will not fit manual) FREE99
sr5 emissions stuff $5 each
sr5/4ac cat $20

i have A LOT more parts..
auto sr5 tranny FREE99-pick up only
1/4 windows for ae86 coupe (slonie,ae86 club,86,toycool garage and down and out stickers on both) -make offer
gts power steering reservoir $10
4ac block with internals(was sitting in the car without head for a couple years so the walls are pitted) FREE99-pick up
kouki sr5 front plastic pieces(side pieces, under bumper bracket w/plate tabs $5 bux each(will take pics if interested)...
2002 is300 open rear diff-make offer

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Alabama: need space, gts and sr5 parts for cheap and some free!!!!
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