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Car : 1988 AE82 CS Hatch 4ac
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PostSubject: DREADED RUST   Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:05 am

Hi everyone I am having a bit of a rust problem. I got given my car from my aunty who recently bought a new "KIA Rio" LOL and gave me this car august last year. My dad and I fixed the rust by: applying 3M rust converter and primer, then filling it up with filler and hardener, then we sanded it, and applied primer then we painted it. I has been looking good, however recently I can see little specks of orange showing though the paint. I don't want to re-do what we have done, I bought some more paint and a better quality primer. Can I just spread some rust converter which is like a sealant that turns hard then prime 4 layers and paint 3 layers as we perviously only did only one coat of each. Would that seal the rust and stop it from continuing to grow. I don't care about the rust underneath the work we have done but I want to contain it and I believe that rust needs water and air to grow, so If we seal it from these things will it contain it for a couple of years. I HATE RUST Sad
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Car : ferrari
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PostSubject: Re: DREADED RUST   Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:45 pm

if you want a quick fix then yea, it'll work but can't say how well....

another problem is too much bondo/filler, it's made to be applied in a thin layer to smooth out the surface.

you really need to hit out the filler, clean the area with a metal brush(drill/grinder with metal brush attachment), use some rust prevention, weld or fill with fiberglass, sand and smooth out using filler/bondo before painting....

theres rust behind the face of the panel you're repairing so cleaning as much of that as possible and spraying it with something like por15 should work well....


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