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 F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)

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PostSubject: F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:59 pm

Looks like im either going to be selling this whole mess or parting it out. I have another car that will be joining the family that I want quite a bit more. This car means alot to alot of people... just not me anymore lol. honestly I dont care what happens to it, as long as its out of my driveway. Swap all the shit into your AE86 or fix it and drive it. Just needs a rebuild, or used engine, ECU and a driver willing to piss off alot of honda owners. Car DOESNT have cowl hood on it anymore. Its just normal now.

Car is in COLTON OREGON 97017

Heres the deal with the car. It did a 14.77 at PIR on its best run ever against Wryann. After that it began smoking. I compression tested the engine and it showed bad compression on one cylinder. When I went to remove the compression tester, the end busted off the hose down in the head. I started to pull the engine apart, and got as far as taking out the cams. Someone baught the ECU off me. Thats it.

heres what it is. Its a 1986 AE82 corolla LE. Most of the interior is out of the car except the seats, main dash, and carpet.
Wryann From VIP performance wired up the blacktop harness.
I finished the wiring.
It has an MSD EFI fuel pump mounted at the tank
its running mallory Hyfire 6 ignition with a tach adapter to keep the injectors firing and an MSD Blaster coil. This thing has SPARK.
It was running open throttle bodies
It has a stock upper 20v header, custom down pipe and 2.25inch exhaust that splits in the back to dual flowmaster 40series mufflers and 3 inch tips.
it has a good c52 tranny that shifts great, no grinds or synchro issues. Shifts were fast and crisp allowing for 0.028 reaction times at PIR and Runs as consistent as 0.1 and less seconds apart.
The car has 17inch panther intimidators on it that are painted.
the front bumper is a trimmed levin body kit. its been repaired on the bottom where it split.
theres a bunch of other shit on it. Parts ALONE on this thing are worth quite a bit. Many hours were spent in tuning this 20v, and I believe when it was running good, it was on of the best tuned 20vs in the NW running stock electronics.
It comes with Drag racing slicks.
I dont know what else to say about it.

at this point its MAKE OFFER.

Ill take current photos tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)   Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:38 am

Dude!!!!!! wish I had the cash for this. I always wanted a 4door corolla. Oh love the levin front bumper and GLWS!
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PostSubject: Re: F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:47 pm

DjSpecter wrote:
Dude!!!!!! wish I had the cash for this. I always wanted a 4door corolla. Oh love the levin front bumper and GLWS!

All ae82s have that front end... I think he just figured out how to get the levin bumper on it Very Happy

I hope that car gets a good home... I remember reading all the shit people talked when you were building it. GL
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PostSubject: Re: F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)   

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F/S Ae82 with 20v (needs work)
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